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Sliding door won’t lock shut? Won’t open? Maybe you’re worried about the level of security the door offers your home? Whether you need replacement keys, lock repair, new locks, or are looking to get all your doors on the same key – we can help.

Glass Sliding Door Locks

We repair, rekey, and replace all sliding door brands including Lockwood, Whitco, Austral & Doric, and Jason sliding door locks, just to name a few. Locks on these brands are often interchangeable, so we can often put all your doors on the same key even if they are manufactured by different brands.

Get a simple repair, or opt for a quality replacement that won’t break, and will offer the level of security you need. If replacing, you can also choose the look and style of your locks.

Jason Sliding Doors

Jason is a common brand of sliding door with especially problematic locks. Unlike other brands, Jason glass sliding door locks can only be replaced with the exact same lock that failed. It’s a problem for many customers, and some locksmiths can’t repair the doors.

With Efficient Lock and Key, it’s no worries! We can repair Jason doors, and the locks have recently become available at a more affordable price. We’ll even leave you with some tips about how to get longer life out of these particular locks.

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It’s easy to think of sliding doors as a secondary option – not the main point of entry. For this reason, people tend to wait longer to repair locks, worry less about security, and generally put off what is likely a simple fix.

Contact us today online or give us a call at 0401 416 706 and get the job done quick and easy!