Can I Make a Single Key for All of My Locks?

Can I Make a Single Key for All of My Locks [optimised]

There are several reasons someone might want a single key that operates all of the locks on their property.

It might be for ease and efficiency – it is much easier to work with just one key than to search through a bundle of keys trying to find the one your need. Perhaps you might want to create a master key which allows access to any room in a building.

Whatever your reason for wanting a single master key for your locks, we have the answers to some of your frequently asked questions.

Can All Of My Locks Work Off a Single Key? (Including Window Locks)

Having all of your locks fit to a single key is definitely possible, but be aware that it may require some of the existing locks to be replaced. This is to ensure that the locks can all share the same profile of key, otherwise, they will not work. An example of this is Gainsborough and Lockwood keys – they use different profiles, so a Lockwood key would not work in a Gainsborough lock.


How Do I Know if My Locks Could all Take the Same Key?

If one key slides successfully into all of the locks in your home (it won’t turn, of course), chances are that they are they are the same type of lock, and we will be able to rekey them all to fit the individual key. The key doesn’t have to turn in the lock to be the same profile, it simply has to slide in. If it doesn’t, the locks that do not accommodate the key will likely have to be replaced to fit the correct profile.


What Kind of Windows Can or Cannot Take a Key Lock?

Most modern windows are able to accommodate the installation of a new window lock, but older styles of windows such as Jason or Precision frames can provide difficulty due to the glass sitting so close to the edge of the frame. As a result of this, different kinds of locks would have to be installed.


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