I’ve Lost My House Keys – Do I Have to Change My Locks?


Along with our wallets and mobile phones, keys are one of the most important things we carry with us on a daily basis. Without them, we’d be unable to drive our children to school, unable to access our workplace, and unable to come back home after a long day. While the main function of a key may be to help us get in, it has another extremely important function: it keeps other people out and keeps your home, car, and workplace safe.

Unfortunately, our keys are sometimes misplaced or, in some circumstances, stolen, and we end up being locked out of our own houses while somebody else has access.

If you found that your key has been lost or stolen, it’s natural to panic and stress – there’s no convenient time to be locked out of your home, after all. The idea that your key may have been stolen and that your home may now be vulnerable to burglary only makes this stress worse, but we’re here to help. Here are some frequently asked questions about what to do when your keys are lost or stolen.

I’ve Lost My House Keys – Do I Have To Change My Locks or Can I Get a Copy?

Luckily, having all of your locks changed isn’t the only option available when you find you’ve lost your house keys. We can produce another key by taking the lock apart and cutting a new key that suits the existing lock.

What Do I Do If I Think Someone Has Stolen My Keys?

In this case, you want to make sure that the person who has picked up your keys is unable to access your home. Changing your locks is a possibility, but we are also able to rekey your locks to suit a new key, making sure that the old keys no longer work in the lock.

How Long Does It Take To Rekey?

The process of rekeying depends on how many locks you have, and on their condition. In most cases, rekeying takes approximately 10 minutes per lock.

When Are You Available to Do It?

If possible, we prefer a day’s notice, but we understand that sometimes emergencies come out of nowhere and your situation may be urgent. In these cases, we will try as hard as possible to fit you in on the same day.

How Common Are Break-Ins Where the Key Has Been Picked Up?

If a key is picked up or stolen by itself, there’s a large chance that the thief may not know where you live. However, if your keys are stolen along with items such as your driver’s license or other information showing where you live, it is possible that the thief will target your home. In this situation, we would recommend calling to have your locks rekeyed or changed as soon as possible.


To find out more about the process of having locks changed or rekeyed, contact us today. We’re here to help, 24/7.


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