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When you call us for a quote, it helps to provide as much information as possible. The better we understand the details of your situation, the easier it is for us to give you an accurate price quote.

Here are some things you might want to explain when you call one of our experienced locksmiths:

  • If it’s an emergency lockout situation, provide us with all of the details. Are you locked out of your house, office, car or something else? Did you leave the keys inside, lock them in the trunk or lose them completely? Does anyone you know have a spare key?
  • In other emergency situations, such as if someone vandalised your locks or attempted a break-in, you need to calm down and accurately explain what happened. Have the cops already investigated the matter? What kind of lock was it (deadbolt, electronic, etc.)? How bad have the locks and door been damaged? Are any of your keys missing?
  • In non-emergency situations, such as wanting a lock replaced or repaired, provide us with as much information as you have. What kind of lock is it? What kind of door is the lock on? When was the lock last repaired or replaced? Are there any major problems with the lock, keys or any other components?

Once our locksmiths arrive, they can better analyse the situation in person. If necessary, they will give you an updated price quote. We make sure that you understand why there is a difference between the over-the-phone quote and actual quote by explaining the details and all of the costs involved.

We do this before undertaking any work as we want to give you the opportunity to understand why there was a price difference, as well as reject the service if the price is too high. We care about your peace of mind. This is another reason that our clients compliment us on our high quality customer service and competitive prices.

Our straightforward and transparent way of doing business is rare in this industry, and customers know that. We often do higher quality work at a fraction of the cost. Contact us today if you need a locksmith in Perth to help with an emergency situation.

Contact Person : Jay Hepden (Owner/Locksmith)
Address : 18 Blandfield Way Parkwood 6147
Phone : 0401 416 706
Email :

ABN : 98 198 465 731
Licence : SA43255

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