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Here’s how We can Help

Locked out and need in? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Simply put, we can unlock your Western Power meter box and get you in, produce new keys for you, replace the lock, and even install a viewing window. We usually need just a day’s notice, and can in some cases come out same day. The process usually takes about half an hour once we’ve arrived.

Unlock Your Western Power Meter Box Lock

Step one is to unlock your meter box. Western Power meter box locks in Perth are often forgotten about until you need to get in – and when you do, you need in right away! Whether you’ve lost your keys, your keys aren’t working, or the lock seems to be broken, we’ll come down and unlock your meter box for you first thing so you can get in and do what you need to do.

Produce New Keys for your Western Power Meter Lock Box

If all you need is a key, we can simply produce new keys for your existing lock. We can produce as many keys as you need, so you’re sure not to lose them again!

Replace Broken Locks

If the lock is broken or not working, we can easily replace the lock itself. No matter the type of meter box you’re working with, and no matter the lock, we can solve your problem and create a new lock for you. Before you know it, you’ll be right as rain.

Install a Viewing Window

If you’re thinking it might be easier to just peek in at your meter next time, we can install a viewing window. Our windows are specifically designed so that your meter becomes more convenient without sacrificing security.


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